Job Search Tips For Ex Business Owners

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Published: 13th January 2012
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A record number of companies have gone under in the last few years leaving a large number of business owners on the job search. Despite having a vast amount of experience these executives often find employers shying away, either out of fear that they wonít be easily assimilated back into the workforce or because they are over-qualified and may not stick around once the economy improves. So what can these professionals do to improve their job search results and position themselves as the best candidates?

For a start ex business owners need to be ready to answer or preempt additional questions during their job search.. Employers may understand the extenuating circumstances that caused many good businesses to fail alongside the bad ones but they are going to be cautious about hiring someone whose company went under. They are going to want to know what is going to make you stay with them even if their organization is hit by a downturn instead of bailing. They are going to want to know what important lessons you learnt running your own operation and what you would do differently the next time around. Be ready to answer these questions in interviews and wow them with solutions that potential employers can put in place to protect their own organizations.

One line that should work every time and be emphasized is that as a previous business owner, job seekers have a whole new understanding of the workplace and structure which enables them to appreciate rules, processes and decisions that other workers will never be able to get and will always grumble about. In essence, ex businesses owners are completely evolved, are often much happier employees who wonít rock the boat and should position themselves as the best choice of hire who can grow into upper management as results are realized.

Today employers are often actively seeking out those who are already currently employed as their preferred talent pool. So those who have been unemployed for any length of time, especially those who were previously self-employed need to eliminate any concern over this early if they even want a shot at an interview. Those who fall into this category should demonstrate that they still have relevant skills, are up to date on current trends and are still valuable in their cover letters and resumes. There are lots of ways to do this. Some career advice columns may recommend adding to education during periods of unemployment but this is not always the best use of time or resources. Instead what about volunteering services to a high profile corporation or even a hot start up with a lot of publicity? This could come with a fancy title and even great commissions if results are produced.

Finally anyone who has been self-employed or has run a small business successfully in the past knows what is most important to a new boss - results. Show this through real figures that have been achieved before. Exterior and macro economic factors can hit any organization but it isnít everyone who has the natural skills to make something out of nothing. This is a skill and level of experience that many competing candidates wonít have during a job search. If a new venture was launched and made $100,000 in the first month or turned a million in the first year that is talent that a dollar figure can be put on, making previous business owners best positioned to ask for and receive a sizable signing bonus when offered a job.

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